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Automation and simplicity - just for you

Archimedes optimization

Archimedes rebalances deposits in each vault before automatically farming for the end user, compounding and rebalancing assets at the most efficient intervals.

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Farm on any blockchain

Omnichain interoperability means that Archimedes can move users’ funds to the optimal yield farm, regardless of which blockchain.

Removing the guesswork

Mozaic is designed for all users - whether you’re crypto savvy or just getting started, Mozaic will save you time by empowering you with automated yield farming.

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Why Mozaic?

Risk mitigation

Allocate your exposure to a multitude of diversified, defi products on any chain.

Yield optimization

Archimedes integration ensures the Mozaic Vault is efficiently aggregating funds in our index.


Every hour Mozaic vaults will automatically synthesize, optimizing allocated funds.

Dao Governance

The community can discuss, debate and propose future changes to develop Mozaic.

The Wizard of MOZ

Meet the core contributors

  • Greg Tanaka

  • Metavers3d

  • Adam Oxley

  • Calum Roberts

  • Fortesque

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