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It’s no secret. The market has been brutal as of late. Prices are down, engagement is low and with constant chatter about inflation and recessions, it is no surprise investor confidence has been shaken. However, we are still here and we’re committed to launching the first true omnichain DeFi protocol.


In the midst of the recent market turmoil, among the cataclysmic events of Terra, Luna and UST, the Mozaic team continues to build — excitedly working towards a number of key objectives and planned launches for the coming months. The omnichain phenomenon has only just begun and Mozaic intends to be at the forefront of this movement as we transition into a seamless, multi-chain future.

Mozaic: Simplifying DeFi

Mozaic: Simplifying DeFi tldr: optimally yield farm on all chains with omnichain interoperability. Give Yield The yield farming phenomenon has been a lucrative but tumultuous adventure for some since its explosion in 2020. As the ‘gold rush’ scenario eased and legitimate protocols emerged that utilized this feature, the market has become saturated, squeezing liquidity across […]

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