tldr: ground breaking technology, unparalleled team.

In the midst of the recent market turmoil, among the cataclysmic events of Terra, Luna and UST, the Mozaic team continues to build — excitedly working towards a number of key objectives and planned launches for the coming months. The omnichain phenomenon has only just begun and Mozaic intends to be at the forefront of this movement as we transition into a seamless, multi-chain future.

You’re going to want to stick around — it’s going to be big.

The Archimedes Algorithm

At Mozaic, we wanted to bring revolutionary off-chain technology to the forefront of cryptocurrency and DeFi. We do this through our machine learning-based portfolio optimization we call Archimedes and its interaction with the omnichain vaults.

So what does Archimedes actually do?

  • Using predictive metrics of token price and APY, Archimedes periodically rebalances deposits in the index vaults.
  • It will also continually search pre-approved protocols to farm with aggregated funds.
  • Finally, Archimedes automatically compounds and switches yield farms at the most efficient intervals.

Archimedes considers cross-chain fees, slippage, TVL, network fees and downtime concurrently throughout the entire farming process.

The computation for Archimedes is handled off-chain to ensure it is cost effective, efficient and reliable — only the results are published and implemented on chain.

Mozaic Development Team

Behind the curtain of Mozaic, busy building a distinguished and easy-to-use DeFi protocol for all users, lies a passionate and brilliant team of developers, spearheaded by Greg Tanaka.

Greg has been featured recently in Cointelegraph as a ‘legislator for the digital age and possibly the most pro-crypto person running in this election cycle.’ Evidently, Greg is an advocate for the government and their policies to catch up with technological advancements while simultaneously being a US Candidate for Silicon Valley Congressional District 16. He says that, ‘As a firm supporter of tech innovation, I believe that we not only have a responsibility to cultivate this new technology but we also have a responsibility to integrate it into our society.’

We wish Greg all the best in his endeavors. Everyone from Mozaic will be closely following and championing their support for Greg!

Startup with Chainlink

The team at Mozaic has also begun to enjoy the support from the initiative, Startup with Chainlink.

As a result, the Mozaic team has started to receive assistance from the top cryptocurrency service providers (ALCHEMY, BLOCKDAEMON, CERAMIC, THE GRAPH and more), had expert guidance and hands-on support from experienced individuals and been given access to specialized resources that cover scaling, operations and industry best practices. This partnership will ensure Mozaic has access to the necessary tools, infrastructure and knowledge for the foreseeable future.


Initial tests for Archimedes have also netted some very promising results. For example, a test portfolio was subjected to the decisions of Archimedes over a two week period. Over that time, the portfolio managed to net approximately 15% APY. Comparatively over the same period, the same test portfolio that utilized the same farms but did not use Archimedes, netted negative returns.

Mozaic is an omnichain protocol that empowers DeFi users by continuously searching for the most capital efficient multi-chain yield farming opportunities and automating the process. Mozaic removes the guesswork from the simple, yet complex question of; “Where can I stake my tokens to achieve the highest return?” — streamlining the DeFi experience for the end user while providing the most competitive yield-bearing strategies in the industry.

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Risk Warning: Investing in any cryptocurrency carries significant risks and can result in the complete loss of your capital. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose. Before investing, ensure that you completely comprehend all the risks involved. Please also consider your level of experience and risk tolerance, and even seek independent financial and legal advice. It is your responsibility to determine whether you are permitted to use the services of Mozaic based on the legal and regulatory requirements of your country of residence and/or applicable jurisdiction(s).