Mozaic: Simplifying DeFi

tldr: optimally yield farm on all chains with omnichain interoperability.

Give Yield

The yield farming phenomenon has been a lucrative but tumultuous adventure for some since its explosion in 2020. As the ‘gold rush’ scenario eased and legitimate protocols emerged that utilized this feature, the market has become saturated, squeezing liquidity across multiple chains. This has also created a saturation of choice and difficulty in discovery of yield opportunities for the average and even the experienced cryptocurrency holder. This ultimately adds unnecessary levels of complexity to the simple question of;

“Where can I stake my tokens to achieve the highest return?”

Enter Mozaic

Mozaic eliminates this problem by streamlining the DeFi experience for the end user while also providing the most competitive yield-bearing strategies in the industry. Mozaic is an omnichain protocol that empowers users by continuously searching for the most capital efficient, multi-chain yield farming opportunities and automating the process.

What does this mean exactly?

Mozaic provides a user with a simple interface that allows them to interact with a multitude of yield farms. Mozaic uses its own developed machine learning algorithm Archimedes that eliminates difficult yield farming decisions. Find out more about Archimedes.

Two Vaults (at launch) to be exact:

Vault 1 (Stablecoins): USDC, USDT, BUSD

Vault 2 (Altcoin Majors); *Undergoing internal testing TBD.


Users will be able to zap deposits into the vault as Archimedes continuously rebalances deposits across the cryptocurrencies in that vault at the most efficient intervals. The algorithm then begins farming with the aggregated funds minimizing the impact of individual fee (network txn) expenditure, while also compounding and alternating farms at the most efficient intervals.

Stargate and Layerzero technology

The Stargate protocol harnesses Layerzero technology and ‘lives at the heart of Omnichain DeFi,’ to ultimately provide a ‘Unified Liquidity Bridge: (that) enables the holy grail of bridging: unified liquidity across all chains with guaranteed finality on the source chain’ (Layerzero Medium).

With Stargate and Layerzero, when Archimedes swaps to yield farm on another chain, the aggregated funds in the Mozaic Vaults enjoy minimal slippage and cross-chain swap fees. Mozaic users will be unaware that they are even using LayerZero or Stargate — unknowingly reaping the benefits of guaranteed cross-chain liquidity, in a simple to use yield farming interface. Find out more about LayerZero and Stargate.

Omnichain interoperability gives Mozaic access to the most optimal yield farms.


Mozaic aims to be the first protocol to undertake multichain [REDACTED] and be the first to provide a multichain stablecoin vault harnessing Stargate and LayerZero.

Stay tuned for our protocol launch announcement.