It’s no secret. The market has been brutal as of late. Prices are down, engagement is low and with constant chatter about inflation and recessions, it is no surprise investor confidence has been shaken.

However, we are still here and we’re committed to launching the first true omnichain DeFi protocol.

We always think there will be a demand for users seeking consistent and sustainable yield for their stablecoins, even amid current market conditions. The demand for these products however may fluctuate with market conditions and sentiment. Yet, we are committed to solving a core problem – to simultaneously provide the safest and most optimal yield in the industry while removing the need for users’ to alternate farms (as we capture changes in yield, even if temporary). 

New Developers

In the last month, Mozaic has also onboarded another key solidity developer to the team and two data scientists / blockchain engineers that will work in tandem with Greg and his ML team to optimize the machine learning algorithm for our dapp launch.

We aim to first establish our ‘proof of concept’ with two core vaults and then branch outward. We’ve always planned to expand the use cases of our ML algorithm beyond DeFi and yield farming – brainstorming ideas about arbitrage opportunities, market making and a few experimental NFT ‘vaults,’ just to name a few.


As we get closer to launch, protocol security has been a top priority for the team as we ensure all components of the protocol are safe to use from launch. For blockchain monitoring, Mozaic will employ Forta, a real-time security and operational monitoring detection tool. Forta will detect threats and anomalies live, such as drastic price change, system related changes or abnormal vault interactions, allowing us to swiftly neutralize threats to prevent or minimize the loss of funds.

We also plan to use Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) for publishing our ML algorithmic data on-chain. As the ML pushes data from off-chain to on-chain, we want to ensure that these transactions are private to ensure the activity and transactions of our ML algorithm remain confidential for the protocol and its users. 

The Mozaic protocol will also undergo a full contract audit prior to launch and are already in discussion with several auditors. 

Airdrop and Community Taskmaster

We currently have a number of community members that have become eligible for our token airdrop post token launch. This airdrop is still ongoing and only requires you to be an active member of the MOZ community. Although the crypto hype cycle has quieted for now, we plan to also launch a gamified ‘Community Taskmaster’ program, that involves community tasks, with points and a leaderboard. We are exploring ways to reward top-placing members with 1/1 NFTs that will have utility in the Mozaic ecosystem (TBD). 

Don’t forget to join our Discord to become eligible for our airdrop while keeping a look out for our upcoming Community Taskmaster event. 

Mozaic is an omnichain protocol that empowers DeFi users by continuously searching for the most capital efficient multi-chain yield farming opportunities and automating the process. Mozaic removes the guesswork from the simple, yet complex question of; “Where can I stake my tokens to achieve the highest return?” — streamlining the DeFi experience for the end user while providing the most competitive yield-bearing strategies in the industry.

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Risk Warning: Investing in any cryptocurrency carries significant risks and can result in the complete loss of your capital. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose. Before investing, ensure that you completely comprehend all the risks involved. Please also consider your level of experience and risk tolerance, and even seek independent financial and legal advice. It is your responsibility to determine whether you are permitted to use the services of Mozaic based on the legal and regulatory requirements of your country of residence and/or applicable jurisdiction(s).